Tamandua rescued June 2013

This tamandua was found at San Pedro, bleeding from her mouth and her right eye out of the socket.   
The original surgery was done on June 16 and a few days later, it was determined that in addition to the injury to the eye she had a severe head trauma, and x-rays indicated the fracture of the skull.

After that, she was in a comatose condition for a week and a half. At that time, she was in my personal care 24 hours day.  During the first few days, while she was in the most critical condition, I had her lying either next to me or on my chest/ shoulder area- that way I was able to monitor her breathing, heart beat, body temperature and provide hydration.  Variety of juices- watermelon, papaya, orange as well as coconut water were offered via the oral syringe. I was administering it every 20 mins the first day by inserting the oral syringe in the corner of her mouth between her lips and then massaging her throat to trigger swallowing. Same juices, as well as pediolite were administered  every hour  on the second and third day.

Tamandua had 2 surgeries, and despite the severity of the trauma and loss of one eye, she  was able to recover, was finally rehabilitated and released in September 2013.

To obtain details on the medical care received, as well as info on the rehabilitation process, please contact me directly at tamanduarefuge@gmail.com.
Tamandua in the pre-release enclosure.

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