Tamandua rescued May 2012

This tamandua was rescued by ACES at Amberguis Caye on May 4, 2012. They found her disoriented, with bleeding wounds on the tail and legs, in a sewage area at the part of town where we think she was kept as a pet, until she escaped.
She was delivered to the Forestry Department on May 6th, and we took her from ther. In addition to the left broken pawn, healed scar near left eye, numerous wounds on the tail and right leg, trauma of the tail and right hind leg we identified upon observation in the next 2 days. By her size and weight she was 1,5- 2 years old.
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She was rehabilitated and released on Aug 29 2012. To see the pictures from her release please click here:
Tamandua 2012 release